Audiometric (Hearing) Assessments:
Australian Legislation, supported by the Code of Practice, “Managing Noise and Preventing Hearing Loss at Work” requires regular monitoring of hearing to individuals exposed to excessive noise at work.
These Codes of Practice are used in Courts of Law to establish reasonable practicability (what a reasonable person would/should do) to reduce the risks.
My Safety Consultants offers an On-Site Audiometric Testing Service to help employers reduce the severity of potential litigation in the future and to meet their obligations under the current regulations.
We are a MOBILE SERVICE AND COME TO YOUR WORKPLACE reducing down time of your staff!
As our aim is to support Management in their Hearing Conservation Program, by helping identify staffs exposure to excessive noise and reduce possible future litigation exposure, and not to sell products thereby increasing Workers Compensation costs, we DO NOT SELL HEARING AIDS.

Hearing Loss Prevention & Noise:
Noise is a significant risk factor in industrial deafness and other hearing loss disorders. Measuring noise levels and workers exposure to excessive noise is a vital part of any hearing conservation/noise control program.
It helps to identify areas where there is noise issues and which employees are exposed to these noise levels.
Based on this analysis recommendations are made on appropriate Engineering, Administrative and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements.
My Safety Consultants can provide the services of experienced Industrial Hygienists to undertake this task.
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