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industry4New legislation has placed a higher WHS duty on the corporate world. Understanding the new ‘due diligence’ requirements can be difficult. A recent prosecution in the ACT found an “officer’ of a corporation guilty of an offence against the new WHS legislation. Questions you should ask yourself are:

    • How do I find out about and keep up to date knowledge of health and safety matters;
    • How do I gain an understanding of the WHS hazards and risks associated with the operations of the business;
    • How do I go about ensuring that the business makes available and uses resources and processes to effectively manage health and safety;
    • How do I receive and give consideration to incidents, hazards and risks and then respond in a timely way to that information;
    • How do I go about ensuring that the business has and implements processes for complying with our WHS duty of care, and
    • How do we as a business go about verifying that these resources and processes are provided and used?

Managing health and safety requires more than wanting it to be safe, it requires you to have a vision and sharing that vision with everyone, just like any other part of the business. It also requires great leadership, which includes leading by example. Don’t forget that no matter what business you’re in, you’re in the business of humans.

If you and or your company haven’t got strategic goals, processes and resources in place to effectively manage health and safety or you are not sure where to start, start by calling us.

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