General Workplace Inspections:
A visual inspection of your workplace, equipment and machinery is undertaken to identify potential hazards and possible Litigation and Public Liability exposures. A report on the findings of the inspection will make recommendations for opportunity to improve the working environment and help in the reduction of potential future litigation.
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Safety Management System Audit :
Auditing is a method of assessing your current compliance not only against legislation but against your company’s policies and procedures.
It assists to identify shortfalls not only in the documentation system but with what is happening within the workplace.
Having measured the gaps between intent and actuality recommendations are made to provide you with opportunities to improve safety within the workplace.
On occasion a client may request independent certification of a companies Safety Management System through auditing. This usually occurs when a business is either tendering for work or wishing to become a Qualified Supplier.
Our experienced and certified team can conduct Safety Management System Audits up to and including AS/NZS 4801.
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Hazard / Risk Registers:
Understanding your hazards and corporate risks assists in the planning for present and future decision making. Having appropriate controls in place also assists in meeting your Due Diligence Obligations.
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