Work Health & Safety Leadership:
The most important asset to any business is well trained and competent staff. No matter how well trained the staff are they still need encouragement, coaching and mentoring from their Management team.
My Safety Consultants highly trained professionals can support your Management Team by providing them with the tools and skill sets to enable them to understand the differences between a good Manager and a Great Leader.
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Locums and Retainers:
Often having someone specifically dedicated to a full time roll of managing Health & Safety is both impractical and costly.
The experienced staff at My Safety Consultants can work in partnership with your business, at a fraction of the cost of employing someone, to assist you to manage your Health & Safety requirements effectively.
There is a range of options available to you. Contact us for further information and pricing.

WHS Legislation, Interpretation and Advice:
Often people can misinterpret the meaning of various words or concepts used in legislation. This could have a devastating effect on a business.
My Safety Consultants clients have the peace of mind knowing that we are just a phone call away. We would love the opportunity to help you also. Why not just give us a call for further information.

Incident Investigation and Analysis:
Have you ever wondered why accidents keep happening despite your best efforts?
Incidents (or accidents) occur because of management system failures. It is these easy identified failures that Solicitors use to assist them to win Workers Compensation / Common Law cases.
More thorough investigation of incidents allow you to identify these root causes and address the shortfalls thereby reducing further incidences and Common Law exposure.
A call to one of our experienced Consultants, immediately following an incident, can assist you in accurately investigating the incident, through the appropriate collection of evidence, accurately compiling witness statements and helping in the identification of root causes.
“Remember: We are just a phone call away!”

Assistance in Rectifying PINS, Improvement & Prohibition Notices:

Do you know that under Section 102 and Schedule 2A of the Work Health & Safety Act 2011 you have the entitlement to question or appeal any Improvement or Prohibition Notice issued by the Regulator?
If you have received such a notice we encourage you to call us immediately upon receipt of such a notice to support you in rectifying the notice, or if needed, to liaise with the Inspector on your behalf.
Remember: Healthy, Active and Safe Workers give you a better return on your investment than injured and/or non-productive workers. Call us anytime for support!

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