Manufacturing Industry

manuIt is an unfortunate fact that the manufacturing industry has an undesirable much higher level of injuries than the construction industry. This isn’t a surprise to many when one considers the large number of small to medium manufacturing industries (under 30 employees) out there in every industrial estate anywhere in Australia.

Often manufacturing businesses struggle to make ends meet and are competing against the lower wages and cheaper imports available through the internet. Machinery and equipment run continuously and scheduled maintenance goes out the door in an effort to meet the demands of the clients.

Competent staff and good work ethics are hard to recruit. Staff turnover is often high and workers are happy to chase the higher wages being offered by your competition or the mining industry.

Benjamin Franklin said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” and that still holds true today. What strategies and resources (financial, time and human) do you have in place to reduce the number of or the risk of injuries at your workplace? Another wise person said “Don’t be afraid that the workers are not listening to you, be very afraid that they are watching you”.

Visual Leadership, setting standards and never accepting anything less; motivating staff in a positive way; seeking their advice and solutions to safety problems – all good strategies to improving the quality of the work, productivity and safety in the workplace.

We can assist your company with training, coaching and mentoring of all staff as well as provide tailor-made systems to help you grow your business and reputation as a company of choice to work for.

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