About Us

My Safety Consultants is a Work Health and Safety Consultancy service based on the Gold Coast, Queensland servicing businesses both locally and nationally. Our aim is to help make workplaces safer, reduce the financial burden of compliance with the newly introduced WHS Legislation, and assist business to realise a financial return on their safety investment. Our primary service is the provision of practical, credible and quality advice and assistance to small to medium enterprises in developing and implementing strategies to achieve their safety goals.
The hands-on, practical capability of our key personnel ensures you get highly trained professionals offering many year’s experience over many of our competitors.

It is My Safety Consultant’s belief that small to medium size business invests a significant amount of financial and time resources recruiting the right staff in the belief that this investment will help grow the business. It is therefore not unreasonable to expect a return of such investments. My Safety Consultants believe that well trained safe and healthy staff are more productive.

My Safety Consultants, with the support of visionary business leaders, can assist companies significantly contribute to the reduction of time lost and cost of injuries in the workplace, thus providing the return on that investment.

Many businesses struggle with the increasing level of compliance required to exist and find it difficult to know where to even start. Recently, larger companies have developed more rigorous requirements for safety and have enforced these on their contractors and suppliers.
Many small to medium sized enterprises often do not have the time or resources to develop systems thus leaving them exposed to unnecessarily high levels of risk. My Safety Consultants can work in partnership with Management to reduce such risks.

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