Petroleum Industry

petroleumThe Exxon Valdez and other petroleum disasters have caused the petroleum industry to become very risk adverse. A number of international oil companies have engaged third party contractors to manage the oil company’s diverse range of contractors and suppliers from around the globe. They are now demanding stringent safety management systems of all contractors and suppliers and if the contractor or supplier doesn’t measure up, they simply don’t get work.

Our extensive experience with third party contract management companies and their systems has resulted in our clients getting top grading’s. Working together with our clients to maintain the systems and the requirements of the petroleum companies, our clients are not only rarely without work projects but are starting to see their business grow. Being up at the top of the preferred list of contractors has its benefits.

If you have been dabbling on the fringes of the petroleum industry dealing with small independent service stations but have been considering doing work for the bigger petrol companies, contact us, we may be able to help you to get into this market.

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