Retail Industry

retailHaving worked within the retail industry at the top executive safety level has provided us with an excellent knowledge of what it takes to improve your investment on employees. Manual handling injuries make up over 60% of the total workers compensation claims against the retail industry. Whilst the training provided may discuss the concepts of safe manual handling, often the point is missed by the new employees as videos on the subject are often filmed in the construction or manufacturing industry and the new employee doesn’t really relate to visuals that they can’t connect to their work environment. Further we often find that once the training has finished, there is little or no coaching or correcting continual bad habits.

We have developed various training sessions for both workers and management such as knife safety and root cause analysis training. The Root Cause Analysis training was developed to assist managers discover what could be causing things to go wrong not only from a WHS point of view but the concepts and tools can be used to improve any part of the business.

From work station assessments, risk assessments, workplace Inspections, to safety management systems. Call us, you might be surprised at how we can help improve your business.

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