Small to Medium Businesses

industry1You’ve spent so much time and effort in starting your own business. Marketing is right; Product is right; Price is competitive, and it looks like the business is growing.

But have you thought about the biggest investment – the staff?

It can be difficult to get the right staff. Whether or not we recognise it, they are the business. They are the ones our clients deal with directly and so we invest a lot of time in training them on what we expect, courtesy, honesty and integrity in dealing with our customers. It would be reasonable therefore to expect a return on that investment and the only way we can do that is to have them at the workplace working.

An injury to a worker costs a lot more than we think and while they are not at work we are not only losing money on the original investment but often lose more when we hire replacements or have to pay penalty rates for those other workers who work overtime to take up the slack.

If we weren’t seeing a return on our advertising investment, we would stop spending it would we not? If we are having injuries to our staff, we should be trying to prevent the injuries. And, as you know, telling staff to be more careful in future only works until the next time.

We can help you develop some simple and practical strategies tailored to suit your unique business that can help reduce the chances of injury so you can realise the return on your investment.

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