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industry2With the recent changes in WHS Legislation and in this risk adverse world, more and more, our clients are being asked by their clients to provide evidence of holding various insurances or WHS documentation such as Policies, Licences or Certificates of Competence, or a raft of other strange sounding documents (e.g. JSAs, WMSs SWMS, SOPs etc.). Writing or developing these documents is time consuming and may often be outside your field of expertise. Sure, you can down load some of these from the net or purchase generic ones from various companies, but do you really understand them and the implications. Do they accurately reflect what you do or intend to do? Often these generic ones are rejected by some bigger clients because they don’t cover what they are specifically looking for. Further there is a risk to you and your business that those documents can be used against you if something goes terribly wrong.

We can assist you in developing documentation that better reflects what you actually do, align them to the legal requirements of what you have to do and meet the requirements of your clients. Often we can also assist in submitting the documents on your behalf freeing you to do what you do best.

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